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What you’ll see: ( 您将会看到 )

What you’ll see: For further info: 您将会看到: 1.传统兰纳葬礼时间:2月5日至11日地点: 帕辛寺;松达寺 4.传统的“兰纳长甲舞”,届时300多名舞者在帕辛格寺进行告别仪式 5.另一支兰纳长甲舞队伍将在古城花园门(旧城的西门)进行,届时有近500名舞者参与 6.16时30分左右,在松达寺进行火葬仪式 有关更多信息

Chao Duangduen Na Chiangmai

Rest In Peace Chao Duangduen Na Chiangmai |passed away peacefully at age of 94 on January 2nd, her Residence in downtown, Chiangmai The traditional Lanna funeral will be held in February 2023. Further details will be announced soon by Chao …